Feeding Ourselves

Most of the crops produced in this area do not feed our local population, and we rely almost entirely on food transported here from elsewhere – a situation that is common in our global marketplace. With the compounding threats of climate change, supply chain issues, inflation, and Covid-19, what can we do to increase food resilience in Rideau Lakes? Feeding Ourselves is intended to open a conversation among growers, sellers, and eaters to understand and share knowledge and take steps to meet food and farming needs in the community.

A group of community-driven residents have come together to explore ways to improve access to food in Rideau Lakes by establishing and strengthening our local food system. Interested in growing your own herbs and vegetables, swapping seeds, bartering preserves or sharing your harvest with others? Or in supporting local food programs, organizations and businesses in our community? Help us map out an inventory of these opportunities so that individuals and families know where to find nutritious, affordable and local foods in their area.

Help us raise awareness of nutrition-related programs and resources that are available in the community. Or help find volunteers to assist with food-related workshops, deliver food boxes, get involved in community gardens, share their harvesting knowledge with others, etc.

Did you know, you can…

Access fresh fruit and vegetables at wholesale prices via the Good Food Box program?

Learn budget-friendly recipes using local and seasonal foods at the What’s Cooking Community Kitchen?

Learn how to grow your own food and take home some free vegetables while helping keep community gardens alive?

Have ideas to help us move ahead with these potential initiatives? Please send your suggestions at rideaulhs@gmail.com

Feeding Ourselves is a committee of the Rideau Lakes Horticultural Society and is supported by the Country Roads Community Health Centre.